Reduce heating energy consumption and costs with Fourdeg solutions!

Four times more money is spent on heating than telecommunications.

Heating of buildings causes more than 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The amount is twice as high as all traffic emissions.

Everyone has experiences of poor heating, whether it was too cold or hot. Heating problems exist especially in old building stock, that is renewed only in a rate of 1% a year.

Fourdeg improves heating quality, reduces energy consumption and emissions. All parties benefit from our service, from residents and employees to property owners, real estate service providers and energy companies.

Fourdeg smart thermostat reduces heating costs

Savings on heating costs for property owners with smart, learning and continuously optimizing thermostats

Increased Comfort

Th AI-based and continuously learning system provides building-specific and room-level heating optimization that significantly increases indoor air comfort by addressing building-specific problem areas.

Saves energy

Fourdeg Smart Heating  saves up to 35% energy and costs in old and/or new commercial, public and residential buildings of all sizes with water circulating radiators.

Intelligent district heating solutions reduce costs

Cost savings for energy companies with solutions that improve the efficiency of the district heating network

Efficient Demand-Side Management

The efficiency of energy production is intensified by an intelligent energy system in which buildings act as distributed heat storages, which significantly increases the efficiency of demand-side management and therefore enables reduction of costs.

Enables new sales, services and business models

Improves the competitiveness of district heating compared to alternative heating methods by supporting the energy transition from "bulk" heat production towards digital services that engage customers.