Fourdeg services continue

The news was published 21.04.22 12:58 PM

MeshWorks Wireless Oy acquired the business of Fourdeg Oy

Fourdeg Smart Heating service continues normally

Enterprise IoT solution provider MeshWorks Wireless Oy has acquired the entire business of intelligent heating  solution provider Fourdeg Oy. The transaction took place on March 30th 2022.  Fourdeg's business and services will continue as normal, but strengthened by the services of the new owner. 

Fourdeg cloud-based smart heating service

“The Fourdeg Smart Heating® service has been piloted widely in schools and in office and residential buildings. Significant energy and cost savings for district heating have been achieved at these sites, often over 20%. In addition to savings, building users have praised indoor air conditions and building managers more predictable maintenance work. The acquisition enables fast commercialization and further development of the Fourdeg service as part of MeshWorks' other activities, ”says Markku Makkonen, the founder of Fourdeg. 

The business acquisition strengthens the MeshWork Wireless Oy offering in the area of intelligent real estate and urban solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability. “Fourdeg's intelligent control system for water-circulating radiators is based on a collaboration between smart thermostats and a cloud-based service, that utilizes also local weather information for control. The system is patented and capable of precise, room-specific heating control. Our goal is to utilize Fourdeg's artificial intelligence-based control solution in other areas of building automation as well”, says Marko Kyrölä, CEO of MeshWorks Wireless Oy.

As a result of the transaction, the customers using the Fourdeg service will also have the opportunity to utilize other IoT solutions produced by MeshWorks Wireless Oy, such as the Seemoto temperature monitoring system or the versatile FeelPlace solution developed for building well-being and indoor air condition monitoring. Introduction of new technologies and evolution of services can be expected in near future.  
More information:

Marko Kyrölä, CEO, MeshWorks Wireless Oy
tel. 050 595 6201

Markku Makkonen, Founder of Fourdeg
Founder of Fourdeg
tel. 040 543 0582

MeshWorks Wireless Oy produces automated and cost-effective IoT solutions for various industries. The company's brands are Seemoto, FeelPlace, SensUrban and now also Fourdeg Smart Heating®.