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    Fourdeg solutions for district heating and water-circulating radiators.

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Energy efficient Fourdeg smart heating solution

Cost savings for Property Owners

"Significant energy and cost savings can be achieved for buildings with district heating, from 20% up to 35%. In addition to savings, building users have praised indoor air conditions and building managers more predictable maintenance work."

Network optimization tools for district heating companies

"The solution supports the strategic transition from "bulk" heat production towards renewable energy sources and customer engaging digital services. Demand-Side management provides an intelligent energy system where buildings operate as heat storages. Real-time data combined with AI and Digital Twin technologies provide significant improvement for district heating network optimization and visualization thus improving it's competitiveness compared to other heating methods."
Fourdeg Smart Energy solutions for energy companies


Made with passion.

The story of Fourdeg began in 2013 when a few innovative entrepreneurs shared a vision to impact climate change and reduce global warming. The idea was to combine Internet of Things (IoT) with cloud services and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the energy efficiency of district heatingThe solution optimizes district heating networks as a whole and offers intelligent, easy to install thermal renovation solutions for district heating grid connected buildings.

Smart radiator thermostat
WWF Climate Solver

Patented solution with a number of Awards

Fourdeg solution is patented in EU and it has been awarded in many competitions during the past years. Fourdeg is one core solution towards more sustainable and energy efficient future.

Now we are scaling our services up.

After several years of research and development, the Fourdeg company has managed to carry out over 70 successful system installations in office, commercial and public buildings between 2018 and 2021, most of which are still in use today. In order to accelerate the implementation of the original mission, Fourdeg's business was acquired by MeshWorks Wireless Oy in spring 2022.

District heating network digital twin

What we offer our customers

Property owners

Satisfied tenants and significant savings in heating and maintenance costs.

Energy companies

Optimizing of district heating network through Demand-side Management.

Property Management & Service companies

New services and business models to speed up growth and increase competitiveness.

Office, business and public buildings

Improved work efficiency due to better indoor conditions. Significant cost savings in heating and maintenance costs.

Residential buildings

Personalized, stable and energy efficient indoor heating at room level accuracy.

Single-family houses

Improved indoor comfort, remote access and savings in heating costs.

Smart radiator thermostat installation

Examples of our Customers