Fourdeg improves living comfort

Wed 01 Jun 2016 09:00:00 AM EEST

Press release 1.6.2016

M2-Kodit Energiapilotti-concept [Energy pilot] is based on customer-oriented solutions to improve the indoor comfort and to reduce the energy consumption. The concept will be piloted in the fall in M2-Kodit tenement building in Helsinki.

Demos Helsinki explores holistic concepts that involve the residents in a rewarding way to improve the indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

Fourdeg is a smart heating startup. Fourdeg Smart Heating® Service upgrades the hydronic radiator heating as a modern heating system. Service adjusts a comfortable indoor temperature with less energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Each room is heated at the right time with the right intensity. In addition to the heating energy savings, the service adjusts a more accurate temperature. Healthy indoor temperature improves the air quality and impacts on well-being.

For more information:

Markku Makkonen, CEO, Fourdeg

Laura Penttilä, Communications Manager, Y-Säätiö

Satu Lähteenoja, Head of Resource Smart Economy, Demos Helsinki