Fourdeg welcomes new Data Scientist

Tue 16 Apr 2019 01:55:00 PM EEST



My name is Behrang Vand and I received recently my Ph.D. graduated in the field of Energy Efficiency and Systems on building applications. My research focuses on different energy systems of buildings to increase or maximize benefits for both grid side and building owner point-of-views. Demand-Side Management (DSM), as a timely topic, is part of his works.

In short, DSM is a folder of demand-side resources which can be utilized to change demand patterns to make sure security of supply. DSM is divided into two categories, permanent DSM and temporary DSM. The permanent DSM consists of energy efficiency, conservation and load building that purposes at changing demand permanently at a long time scale ranging from months to several decades. Temporary DSM usually named Demand Response (DR) tries to find temporary consumption alterations at times when this has value for the system while the indoor thermal comfort is completely maintained. DR is any reaction to a stimulus that changes electricity demand in a market. The field is part of Fourdeg Smart Energy™ service.

Currently, I am collaborating with Fourdeg as the Research and Data Scientist in the field of optimizing the energy consumption of different buildings. To implement this, two aims are defined: 1) reducing/minimizing heating energy cost by peak shaving, and 2) reducing/minimizing heating energy cost by using different indoor thermal comfort levels. These aims require collecting measured data, modelling buildings and using prediction method(s) to estimate or find out the predicted target, for example, building energy consumption profile.

In the future, I will post more about DSM and thermal comfort, so see you soon. If you have some questions, please comment or send me a mail.