Property owners

Fourdeg Smart Heating® improves customer satisfaction, saves on heating and maintenance costs and is a profitable investment.

The Service improves comfort with individual and stable heating. Appropriate indoor conditions improve work efficiency. Customer satisfaction reduces complaints and increases customer loyalty. 

Heating costs fall up to one third when the heating of the building is balanced, heating is adjusted according to use of the premises and heating is synchronized with air conditioning. Remote access and preventative maintenance saves in maintenance costs.

Typical payback is 3 to 6 years. 

The service is also available through the financing model. This avoids the initial investment of the equipment, savings in energy costs start immediately and cover the financing costs.

Office building, Kuopio

Mr. Antti Toivanen, Business Director from Lassila & Tikanoja tells about Fourdeg service: "With smart control of heating, more stable indoor conditions have been achieved with a lower amount of energy."

"Following the installation, the people working in the premises have felt the conditions in the premises to be more even."

Residential building, Helsinki

The M2-Kodit Energy Pilot was implemented at Tiirismaantie 11 in Helsinki. Energy Pilot is a project to savings in district heating, where indoor temperature is measured, adjusted and monitored.

The residents played an important role. They had an opportunity to select the temperature of their apartment from three temperature options. The up-to-date energy consumption of the property was on a digital display in the corridor.

The pilot saved energy by 11%. According to the statistics from district heating provider Helen, the building is more efficient than comparable buildings and in March 2017 the building's energy consumption was 29% lower than predicted.

After the pilot, the service in the property continues.