How it works

Cloud service

The service is implemented by replacing the old water radiator thermostats with WiFi -thermostats connected to the cloud service via Internet.

Installation is easy and quick, and the heating is not cut off. Premises can be in normal use during the installation. 

Local weather forecast

Heating is predicted according to the local weather forecast. A building is a large mass that reacts slowly, so temperature should be raised or lowered before the weather changes.


The service learns the individual thermal response of each room, that is how a room warms up or cools down. For example a corner room is heated differently than a room in the middle of the building.

Heating readjusts to changes in the environment caused by a change in temperature, such as opening a window.

Demand-Side Management

With Demand-Side Management, an energy company can heat buildings when energy price is lowest. Respectively, heating can be temporarily lowered when the energy price is highest. A building stores heat energy so the resident or worker does not notice the difference.


A WiFi-thermostat reads the target temperature and heating program from the service. It sends local information, such as the room temperature, to the service.

Communication security level equals to mobile payment security.